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Leader's American Pie

Three hours of great Americana, with live sessions, interviews and the all-request Americana Jukebox.

S-MeridianGold.jpgToday 23:00

Meridian Gold

Classic songs from the Meridian Gold jukebox

S-PaulTalmey.jpgTue 10:00

The Mid Morning Show with Paul Talmey

A look at upcoming events, interviews with local people and celebrity guests, weird and wonderful stories that have caught Paul's eye and Talmey’s Teasers.

S-WellbeingWeekly.jpgTue 14:00

Wellbeing Weekly

Carrie Overton presents Wellbeing Weekly - a space to discuss a whole range of issues relating to wellbeing, with a chance for listeners to share questions and thoughts about the topic of the week.

S-BreakfastSamanthaDay.jpegWed 07:00

Meridian Breakfast with Samantha Day

All the latest news, sport, weather and travel information to start your day along with chat from Samantha, some great music and your chance to join in with the show.

S-JazzMixUp.pngWed 20:00

Jazz Mix-Up

Jenny Green with a wide variety of jazz, with recordings from some of the great interpreters of the Great American Songbook to the best in modern jazz sounds, funk, soulful and electro swing!

ST.jpegWed 22:00

AfroBeats with Thandie

Join Thandie on her Afrobeats show for a thrilling auditory experience as she brings you the best of African music from all over the continent. Each episode of the show will feature a curated selection of Afrobeats hits, old and new, from both established and up-and-coming artists. Be sure to tune in!‘