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Meridian FM provided a great atmosphere for the East Grinstead 10 Mile, the first leg of the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend. They were able to provide a running commentary on the day, feature event sponsors and partners, issue instructions to the runners, facilitated the race warm-up, interviewed runners and guests, and, played fun and energetic background music throughout the day. Meridian FM’s involvement made it a true community event.

Simon Adby, AHS Wellbeing

Many thanks for your services at the event. The team got from the start field to the finish with no issues. The PA system was fantastic and your presenters did an amazing job. I have had loads of great feedback from the event.

John, EG10K Race Director and Team

Running my environment show at Meridian was one of the highlights of my summer.

The position gave me my first opportunity to experience what it’s really like to broadcast live radio – I was quite unsure about whether I would enjoy it or not, yet from my very first episode I found that there was a buzz to speaking on air, finding the best way to communicate the key points to the audience. It was a position I had always been reluctant to put myself into, but by trying something new and a bit nerve-wracking I realised had more potential in radio presenting than I had first thought, and I continued to grow in confidence every week for the duration of my show.

I was also able to develop my interviewing skills massively throughout the process – since I was running a one hour show, I needed guests to interview with knowledge about specific environmental topics. I was carrying out more confident and critical interviews by the end of the six-week period, which is invaluable to someone looking to get into journalism. Arranging interviews with guests and liaising with producers also developed my time management and communication skills, since there were deadlines to be met to ensure that we were ready to broadcast high quality content each Wednesday.

Over the weeks, I progressed from having no control over the board to running the show independently. This was a challenge and a new field of expertise to me, but with persistence and making mistakes I finished my series with a really good grounding of how to manage a radio hour and ultimately make good radio. Through the interviews I conducted, a range of topics were covered, allowing me to develop expertise in my field of interest: Environmental Journalism.

Overall, I have benefitted hugely from my six weeks as a radio presenter at Meridian FM. For anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in journalism or other media roles, this is a very supportive environment where you can develop your broadcast skills as well as your confidence. You’ll never know if it’s something for you until you try it! 

Jago Bayley

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