The Silver Fox


The Silver Fox has been on air since late 2015. It's a name that was given to him by an American friend, although his actual name is Cyril.

He spent many years in the north of England driving petrol tankers and always listened to local stations. He moved down to this part of the world to live with his brother some 30 years ago and, when the opportunity arose, he leapt at the chance to join Meridian FM.

His brother is a local writer and occasionally joins him on air to read various snippets of information.

You can hear The Silver Fox every Monday from 10am to 1pm and on the Tuesday Breakfast Show from 7am to 10am, where some of the features include 'Morning Star' and 'Album of the Week'. He also includes a look back to 'This Day In History' as well as a chat about the latest news.

He believes Meridian FM has improved in leaps and bounds recently and is proud to be a member of our all-volunteer team. He also loves the middle-of-the-road music we play as well as a number of the specialist music shows.