My love of all music was the base that set me up to become a Radio Presenter. Having tried and failed to learn to play an instrument, any one would have done, I decided the next best thing was to play records and entertain people that way.

I am an entertainer at heart, and I hope it shows when I present my shows or get involved with any presentation. 1968 was the first time I sat in front of a Microphone and mixing desk and was let loose on the world of sound broadcasting. They have been trying to get me away from it ever since.

I missed out on the true birth of what we call ‘radio’ today, the Pirates of the sixties.  I was tramping around in the jungle. However, I have made up for it ever since and have broadcast on many international radio station before the event of www. One big break I got was as the ‘English Voice’ on WKBW Buffalo in New York City.  Getting to the time almost when I hang up my headphones to let some of the new talent we have on the station through into the sunshine, if not ‘star-light’ of this great station.