Tim Waters

Tim WatersFor as long as I can remember, Radio has always held a special fascination for me; it has no equal. I loved Radio 1 in its infancy back in 1967 through to the early 70's when it was breaking new ground. This was pioneering broadcasting; it was fresh and vibrant and demonstrated its ability to communicate on so many levels. Radio is not passive; it inspires you to use your imagination and conjure up pictures in your mind like no other medium can. With Radio, you can be doing anything, anywhere while listening and at the same time absorb its varied content, whether it is music or speech.

I relish this opportunity to be part of my local community Radio Station. The premise of Meridian FM is to be inclusive, to reach out to all ages and have something for everyone.

Join me on Thursday evenings between 6-8pm for an eclectic mix of Rock, Blues and Americana, along with a guest interview. It'll be diverse and unpredictable with no boundaries. There is so much good music out there just bubbling under the surface… listen in and judge for yourself!