Sue Whitting

When not out chasing unicorns...

With a degree in Economics, a background in accountancy and mediation and a chain of fairy shops behind me, what challenge would spring up to greet me next? Something niggled away in the back of my brain; something I've wanted to do for a long time and thought impossible - a childhood dream - to be a radio presenter.  So when I read that 107 Meridian fm were looking for volunteers I leapt at the chance - a foot in the door - but even better,  they asked - "How would you  would like to get involved?"  My sensible head said - help with the accounts - but my niggle sprang forth - and out it popped. "I'd like to present." And so, after a period of nerve jangling live training, Sue Whitting's Long Lunch was launched with an eclectic mix of music, interviews, events and random irrelevancies to tantalise, delight bringing a fizz to Friday and a wakeup call for the weekend.

I love talking to people. I find texting and emailing as rewarding as sticking a stamp on an envelope - But  to listen, to enquire,  to understand what people are saying, this I find endlessly fascinating.

I've been at Meridian for two years now and I love it. They are a great bunch of people, lots of fun, who work really hard bringing great music, interviews and news of what's happening in the community directly to your home, car or laptop. Wherever you may be 107 Meridian fm is just a click away.