Simon Catt

Me? Well, where shall I start? I’ve been involved in radio one way or another since the end of 2007. I started volunteering at my local hospital station when I was living in North London. From here I caught the radio bug and in the following September, quit my job and went to University to study it. I first joined Meridian after graduating in 2011, whilst doing other bits and bobs as a freelancer for the BBC.

I’ve just returned to this great station after taking sometime away, in order to pursue other career options. I have missed it and I’m very grateful to the station for allowing me to come back.
Music wise I listen to anything from the 50’s to the 00’s, Classical to Hard Rock, so you’ll probably hear quite a variety when listening to my show.
When I’m not doing radio I’m either playing Badminton or Golf (I’m not really that good at either but I try my best!) Working up London, watching Back to the Future, out with friends or drinking a Guinness somewhere.