This Week's Programmes


0am         Non-Stop Meridian
7am        Breakfast - Samantha Day
10am       107 Meridian FM
1pm     Sam Ward
3pm         Terry James
5pm        Rude Boy Revival - Chris Watts
8pm        Leader's American Pie
11pm       Non-Stop Meridian                                                                                                                   


0am         Non-Stop Meridian
7am        Breakfast 
10am       Samantha Ward
1pm     Go Retro - Mark Dodson
5pm         Sally Cooling
8pm        Meridian Sports Show - Tom & Jay
11pm       Non-Stop Meridian


0am         Non-Stop Meridian
7am         Breakfast - Terry James
10am       Samantha Day
1pm     Andre McCormick
3pm         Jeanie Bizzell
5pm         Bev Connolly - The Politics Show
8pm        Classical Meridian - Madelaine Forest
11pm Non-Stop Meridian


0am         Non-Stop Meridian              
7am        Breakfast - Samantha Day
10am       David Tarpey
1pm     107 Meridian FM
5pm         Tim Waters
8pm         Dave Roberts
11pm       Non-Stop Meridian


0am         Non-Stop Meridian
8am         Meridian Jobs Show
10am       Meridian Movies - Raph
2pm        Emily Bennett
4pm        Schools Out!
5pm         The Friday Rock Show with Guy Bellamy
8pm         Neil Symon - Funky Weekend
10pm      Go Retro - Mark Dodson


1am         Non-Stop Meridian
7am         Dans breakfast with Jay
10am       Joe & Lucy
1pm     Rotary on the Radio
4pm         lyla's Chart Show
8pm         Paul Bouzan's Soul Sandwich
0pm       Go Retro - Mark Dodson


2am         Non-Stop Meridian
7am         Simon Catt
11am       The Week in Review with Nick
Midday    Lazy Sundae - Classic 60s & 70s
2pm         Go Retro - Mark Dodson
8pm         Jenny & Sooz Jazz
11pm       Non-Stop Meridian