7am        Breakfast - Samantha Day
10am      The Silver Fox
1pm        Go Retro - Mark Dodson
6pm        Rude Boy Revival - Chris Watts
8pm        Richard Leader's American Pie
11pm       Meridian Gold


7am        Breakfast - The Silver Fox
10am      107 Meridian FM
1pm        Go Retro - Mark Dodson
5pm        Jazz Mix-Up - Jen and Sooz
8pm        Meridian Sports Show - Jay
11pm      Meridian Gold


7am         Breakfast - Terry James
10am        Samantha Day
1pm         Go Retro -  Mark Dodson
5pm         Jeannie Bizzell
8pm         Madelaine Forest Or Rich T
11pm Meridian Gold


7am         Breakfast - Samantha Day
11am       A Trip to Theatreland - James Roy
2pm         Go Retro - Mark Dodson
5pm         Off The Beaton Track - Tim Waters
8pm         Music For Grown Ups - Dave Roberts
11pm       Meridian Gold


7am        Clare Or Hannah
9am        Biz Show with Hannah
11am      Music from the Movies with Raphael Moran 
2pm        Emily Bennett
3pm        Schools Out!
5pm        The Friday Rock Show - Guy B
8pm        Lyla's Chart Show
10pm      Go Retro - Mark Dodson


2am         Meridian Gold
7am         Saturday Breakfast - Simon Catt
10am       107 Meridian FM
1pm         E.G Rotary on the Radio
5pm         Daisy's Indie Show
8pm         Soul Sandwich - Paul Bouzan
10pm       Go Retro - Mark Dodson


2am         Meridian Gold
7am         Sunday Breakfast
11am       The Week in Review with Nick
Midday     Lazy Sunday - Classic 60s & 70s
2pm         Soul Sandwich - Paul Bouzan
5pm         Alan Wick
6pm         Mix’N’Blend - Clive G
8pm         Guy B