7am        Blockbuster Breakfast - Raphael Moran
10am      Silver Fox
1pm        Go Retro - Mark Dodson
6pm        Rude Boy Revival - Chris Watts
8pm        Richard Leader's American Pie
11pm       Meridian Gold


7am        Breakfast - Silver Fox
10am      107 Meridian FM
1pm        Go Retro - Mark Dodson
5pm        Jazz Mix-Up - Jen and Sooz
8pm        Meridian Sports Show - Jay
11pm      Meridian Gold


7am         Breakfast 
10am        Samantha Day
1pm         Go Retro -  Mark Dodson
5pm         Jeannie Bizzell
8pm         Rich T or Classical Meridian - Madelaine Forest
11pm Meridian Gold


7am         Breakfast - Samantha Day
11am       James Roy - A trip To Theatre Land
2pm         Go Retro - Mark Dodson
5pm         Off The Beaton Track - Tim Waters
8pm         Music For Grown Ups - Dave Roberts
11pm       Meridian Gold


7am        Clare - Success Express /Hannah's Small Business Show
11am      Music from the Movies with Raphael Moran 
2pm        Emily Bennett
3pm        Schools Out!
5pm        The Friday Rock Show - Guy B
8pm        Lyla's Chart Show
10pm      Go Retro - Mark Dodson


2am         Meridian Gold
7am         Saturday Breakfast - Simon Catt
10am       Go Retro - Mark Dodson
1pm         E.G Rotary on the Radio
5pm         Daisy's Indie Show
8pm         Soul Sandwich - Paul Bouzan
10pm       Go Retro - Mark Dodson


2am         Meridian Gold
7am         Sunday Breakfast
11am       The Week in Review with Nick
Midday     Lazy Sunday - Classic 60s & 70s
2pm         Soul Sandwich - Paul Bouzan
5pm         Alan Wick
6pm         Mix’N’Blend - Clive G
8pm         Guy B & Guests