Sarah Nicholls

I studied many subjects during my GCSE’s but the most prominent for me was Media Studies; it fascinated me to the point some people would argue I was obsessed. This was fuelled when I was offered the opportunity to be behind the cameras on the ITV show ‘This Morning’, of course, I jumped at the chance. And have now lost count of the amount of times I have sat in the green room and been in awe at the vast amount of well-known humans that have passed by, sometimes just to grab some toast.

Fun Fact: I shared a lift with Richard Branson and had a selfie with Louie Spence.

Whilst observing various floor managers, camera crew and producers, something inside my brain clicked and I decided that this is what I would want to do for a career. The dream was to become the next Fearne Cotton, as she dabs her hand into many different areas of the media industry. Consequently, my love for radio blossomed.

I began presenting radio early 2012. I got accepted to study at The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology, where I can continue the obsession. I recently joined Meridian as a presenter and will continue perusing the dream.

Tune in to hear me every Sunday 4-6pm, I may even give you a shout-out.