Raphael Moran

Raphael Moran is a filmmaker, publicist, voice-over artist, actor, radio broadcaster and BSC Club Member, based in West Sussex, UK. 
He is LIVE on the radio every Friday from 11am till 2pm, playing the best “Music from the Movies”.
But the official show title is “The Return of the Magnificent Music, Shaken NOT Stirred”.
He went to Michael Hall School in Forest Row and is the CEO of Moran Films. He is the Festival Film and Photography Producer/Director for the Byline Festival, and has an ongoing collaboration with the Byline organisation. He has collaborated with Primetime Emmy-Nominated Christopher Titus King, Diego Barraza, (a full member of DirectorsUK), and also with Noah Francis Johnson. He is the grandson of Olympio Guilherme, a Brazilian journalist, actor and director.
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Raphael’s Official Site: https://www.raphaelmoran.co.uk/