Paul Bouzan

It all started back in the 70's where I have to blame my career beginnings on parents who persisted in dragging me to holiday camps each year. Big band cabaret really wasn't my scene so I found the dodgy dark disco – nothing more than 3 or 4 boxes of flashing lights and a guy in the corner with this magical big unit containing TWO record decks. My unhealthy interest at the time in dismantling anything electrical really wanted me to get the #2 Phillips at that system but alas it was out of my grasp.

Returning home I started building my own 'double deck' system which soon gained me employment as a DJ for mates parties in the small village I lived in. The pub next door even had me in one evening for a party but only being 12 years old it was all a bit daunting! 35 years on I've really not stopped, bounced between full and part time mobile & club DJ, karaoke host, audio-visual technician (even been a bowling mechanic). Stability knocked and now I'm running the telephone systems globally for the largest leisure, travel & tourism company in the world (something that plays havoc with the radio schedules – sorry Tony T!).

Although I still like current music the real love is with classic and current soul – the basis of my show on Meridian. My audio engineering and electronics background is also being put to good use and a complete home broadcast standard studio is being built at the moment to produce new shows, jingles and adverts. My time doing late night parties and pubs is coming to an end!

Please join me one Wednesday, I welcome requests :-)