I joined the team at Meridian FM in October 2011 after reading an article in Sussex Living. A few months before I had previously asked if I could go along with a colleague as guests on Emma Stevenson’s Friday Morning slot to talk about fund-raising at our local Community Centre.

At school, in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, in the 1940/50’s I had always wanted to either be a Politian or join the BBC. Neither of these things happened, though when an opportunity came along in the form of a job offer to join BBC Midlands, I turned it down!! 
Always something I regret.
As a volunteer at Meridian FM I am around on Friday mornings to make coffee, answer the phone, tidy the office (those presenters are an untidy lot!!) and Meet and Greet. Oh! And I may also have a few other tasks as well! I may even pluck up courage to have a go at presenting one day! At the tender age of 80, I am still willing to learn and I thank Meridian for giving me the opportunity that I did not take when I was younger.