Martin Robertson

Hi all, my name is Martin Robertson but I'm better known as 'Big Old Martin', and the label sums up what you find when you meet me.

I started in radio way back in the 1970’s with Hospital Radio Crawley when they were based in Station Road and I still do a 2 hour show on a Saturday evening. I have also help out at other radio station very much in the back ground when they do their charity events, Help London Child, Southern Sound Trust. I have also ran roller disco for 30 years doing both the music and skating.

In 2010 wanted more out of radio so paid for training at CSV Media at BBC Radio Sussex to get a grounding in radio production and presenting, after which I started an online radio station in my home town, which after going for 4 years ran out of money to keep going.

I am also very active in the local music scene out most weekends take photos of 1 group or another at some gig in a pub, club or bar.

Other interests are wildlife and natural history photography and my allotment