Lucy Andrews and Joe Wheatly


I’ve lived in or around East Grinstead for most of my life and until recently my company was based in the town centre.  

I have run my own business for nearly 30 years, a finance company, which is something I never meant to do but just sort of happened. It’s very dull, so when people ask what I do for a living I usually lie and think of something more exciting.

I’m married to Leigh with two married ‘kids’ who live in East Grinstead and four grandchildren. I’m a bit soppy about them all.

I get involved in one or two things that I can fit around work – I have read for Grenestede Talking News for many years and I’m a Friend of Ashdown Forest which is very special.

My interests are wide and varied. I’m a real ‘petrol head’ with a passion for modern day supercars and old classics and I go along to events like the Goodwood Revival. But I’m no ‘anorak’, I have no idea about the mechanical side of things and if you open a cars bonnet I’ll glaze over and start yawning. I do a lot of shooting – only clay pigeons and although I’ve done it for many years and even took part in the World Championships 20 years ago, I am decidedly average – even on a good day.

What else? Well, I kid myself that I’ve got a good eye for antiques and stuff that might go up in value, so I go to lots of auctions, buy things, take them home and watch them gather dust for years. I love old books and have hundreds all over the place, I collect the old Penguin books and I’m aiming to find the first couple of thousand. Sad or what?

My daughter Lu and I have been talking about the possibility of a father/daughter radio show for a while. Two generations playing their favourite music on one show means that we’ll have a pretty big range! Mine will come mostly from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s and Lu’s will be 90’s to current day – but there’s also stuff that we both love that crosses over! 


I am a happy, talkative and mad mum to 2 boys, Teddy and Woody. I have lived in East Grinstead most of my life and have been living with my husband Craig for 10 years (but been married 4 years!)

I was lucky enough to work in Travel for 15 years so have been to some amazing places around the world and dream to move abroad someday with my family, but for now East Grinstead is the place to be!

I currently work at Plaw Hatch Farm in Sharpthorne (in the Office, I am sadly not a farmer) but I am quite hands on so I help out where I can. It’s a lovely community farm and I love working there.

I have been a dancing, singing and performing on stage for as long as I can remember and have always been known as the creative, chatty and slightly excitable one! I am also the resident choreographer for East Grinstead Operatic Society and absolutely love it! I much prefer being hidden nowadays and seeing what I create rather than being in the limelight!

My Dad Joe and I have been talking about doing our very own radio show at Meridian FM for years but it has always been ‘an idea’ and thanks to me, it is now actually happening! We are so excited about being part of the local Community radio team, we hope you enjoy our show and we make you laugh as much as we make ourselves laugh!!