Lesley Robinson

I’ve lived in East Grinstead since 1978, when we moved here with our two small sons.  I enjoy living here – the town has so many historic buildings and the countryside, especially Ashdown Forest, is really lovely.

Over the years I’ve been involved with several local groups.  I joined the EG branch of Save the Children and the Parents’ Association at Blackwell School; we did lots of fund-raising and I remember collecting and sorting piles of clothes and bric-a-brac for jumble sales.  I helped to set up the EG Toy Library, and assisted with handicraft sessions at two junior schools. 

For relaxation, there was yoga and a women’s discussion group – only non-domestic topics were allowed.  Reading has always been a favourite pastime –national daily paper, the local “rag”, books and magazines, and I enjoy music, from classical (Beethoven is favourite) to 70’s tunes, Abba, Elvis, songs from Shows to Caribbean steel bands …. but not, I’m afraid, some of the latest “hits”. 

With my sons growing up, I joined EG Citizens Advice Bureau and trained to be a volunteer adviser, then became manager of a CAB in Surrey.  This was a really interesting and rewarding job, and it led to my involvement in Rotary.  I met representatives of many local organisations; one invited me along to a club meeting, and a few months later I joined.  That was 17 years ago!  Like many new members I knew little about the enormous scope of Rotary’s charitable work, locally and internationally.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to get more involved.  At the moment I head up our international projects team in the EG Meridian Rotary Club.  Members of Rotary place great importance on “fellowship”, and if we are abroad - on business or holiday – we are welcomed as friends by local clubs.

I’m still not sure how I got involved in our Rotary programme on Meridian FM – one day it was being discussed, the next I found I was part of it!