James Stenning

It’s often said isn’t it? that radio waves travel through space.  Out from our Earth’s gravitational pull into the great unknown vacuum of time and nothingness, travelling forever, further away from our small but brilliant blue and green planet. 

You may also be interested to know that when I go out cycling I can sustain a fairly reasonable 15.6 miles per hour, but a radio wave, well, they can travel over 186,282 miles in a mere second!   Puts me and my modest carbon fibre bike to shame really, doesn’t it?

But, I’m getting off the point here.  It’s that eternity that fascinates me about radio, the fact that my voice when on air will be eventually travelling past Venus, Mars and should they be tuning in at the right time to 107 Meridian FM, Neptune as well.  All made possible because of a radio antenna hoisted to the top of East Grinstead’s East Court, a broadbrand line to the Jubilee Community Centre and some radio equipment.

My role at Meridian FM traverses a few areas in making the magic happen, I have responsibility for the IT equipment which includes computers, servers and broadcasting hardware.  I also assist with the social networking arm of Meridian ensuring that our Twitter and website are up to date with all the latest goings on in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas. 

Meridian FM really has a passion to serve the local community and the core of that passion lies with the people behind the microphone, that’s what I like most about what I do.  Meeting and working with the dedicated team of volunteers that hold everything together.

Oh, one other thing.  You can hear me live every Friday at 6 o'clock PM.