Rock Show

After a two week break, Guy's rock show is back on air this week at the new weekly slot of Fridays 5-8pm.

And during the month of August, Guy will be airing a feast of band interviews from his Great Music Stories Series with the likes of The Answer, Tax The Heat, The Dead Daisies, The Texas Flood, Hoss Thompson, RSJ, Blurred Vision, Diamond Head and more. You can also look forward to lots of new music from some of Britain's brightest emerging rock bands and new releases from rock icons. Start your weekends with a bang every Friday 5-8pm.


Brand new schedule

Today is the start of our brand new schedule, this includes. 

  • More live broadcasting: Building on its historic target of 12 hours live broadcasting a day, from 25 July this with will rise to 15 hours a day, with 17 delivered on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Acclaimed specialist music shows every day: The station’s specialist music shows, many of which have been critically acclaimed and draw national and international listeners, have been spread across the week. The enables the station to now deliver quality genre-specific music shows every day of the week – a first for the station. The range of music genres 107 Meridian FM now caters for now includes: Americana, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Ska, Folk, Classical, Soul, Blues and Dance.
  • New sports show: The station is launching a new sports show, ‘Back Of The Net’ drawing on a production team of five people that have strong ties with the local sports clubs and will also offer through-the-week comment and reaction online on all the region’s main sports stories as they break.
  • New politics show: Just weeks after the Brexit vote, an event which has triggered people from all walks of life will be reappraise and examine the world around them, a new Wednesday evening politics show will provide a round up on national current affairs issues through a local lens and draw in independent expert commentary from a leading London academic, writer and political economist.
  • New pet show: For animal lovers, a new pet show will launch with a new corporate sponsor, building on the success of the station’s mid-week health show.
  • New local stars debut! Building on the station’s growing appeal with young listeners, two teenagers will be launching their broadcasting careers on the station – and in the same week. These represent two of three brand new music shows that focus in playing the latest chart and new release music that young audiences want to follow.
  • New enhanced education focus: The station will also be expanding its educational work. The 107 broadcast club is being superceeded by a more ambitious and more structured schools engagement programme that will allow local schools the opportunity to partner with the station for a month and for students to learn a range of communication and reporting skills that can build confidence, team and learning skills. This new programme that will reach more schools and offer broader experiences will launch in September with the start of the new academic year.
  • New jobs show: Building on the station’s highly acclaimed business show that has given a platform for more than 100 SMEs to tell their story in the last year - and brought more than 20 top national brands to the community - 107FM Meridian is now also launching a new jobs show, which intends to help people find jobs, develop interview skills and connect with independent career experts for advice.
  • More local news: Building the station’s value to listeners as a source of local news, local news updates will be shared hourly through the working week from 25 July, rather than just at drive time.

The new schedule is the latest of a series of decisive steps taken by the station’s new Board to grow 107 Meridian FM into a progressive and innovative community radio station. The new Board team comprises of Liz Bennett, Richard Leader, Guy Bellamy, Chris Jenkins and Paul Carey. Together since March, they have devised a new vision and strategy for the station, a two-year plan that will see it evolve to a multi-channel digital environment, attract national business partners, deliver more in educational and community projects and grow listenership further locally and nationally online.

Liz Bennett Chairman at 107 Meridian FM comments: “The last year has been one of many milestones for the station, as celebrated in our recently 10th anniversary film, produced and directed by local videographer Steve Hall. As a station, we broke our record for the number of community events we supported last year, we won plaudits for our 10-hour election show and gained national recognition for both our music interviews and our support for small businesses. Further, our specialist music presenters between them have run interviews and sessions with more than 100 top international bands and recording artists and we have punched well above our weight with invitations to cover some of the top music festivals in the UK and abroad. The achievements of a local volunteer team are, to some, quite staggering. What the new Board team has done is to marshall our skills and learn from our individual successes to evolve a new strategy for the station as a whole that takes us to a new level. The new schedule is a statement of how far we have come  - and our belief that the best is still ahead.

“We we step into a new chapter of our evolution we would love to hear from members of our community that would like to get involved in the station. From presenting to marketing, office support to training everyone is welcome for the skills and enthusiasm they can bring – and we will develop, support and train those that join our broadcasting family. Our summer step change also represents an ideal opportunity for the business community to partner with us and play their part in helping us become the local media platform that brings people together, shares the success stories and unites our community.”

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