Tony Hadley: Feature Interview

Thursday 9-10pm
Guy will be sitting in for Dave Roberts this Thursday 8-11pm, and will be mixing up the musical genres for this one - rock, soul, pop and blues - a bit of everything! Everyone loves a Spandau Ballet tune now and then, but for this interview Guy will take things well beyond this. Guys says: “I remember bumping into Tony Hadley many years ago before Tony was performing a gig with the SAS band in Portsmouth, featuring a who's who from the music scene. Tony nailed Queen's 'Hammer to Fall' and then a classic Gin Blossom's number. Good singers are just good singers no matter what the tune. This is the context for Thursday's hour special.”
During this week's feature hour, Tony talks about his solo work over the years, his new album and tour, we revisit the rock genre through his appearances with the SAS band and he talks about the new music that's influencing him today. We talk about the changing music industry and Tony shares some advice for young bands starting out today.
If you liked Spandau you'll enjoy something fresh from this Great Music Stories feature. If you were never a Spandau fan this hour presents the chance to look again - and see an artist through a completely new lens.
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