Krys O'Brien interview with Bonx Trigwell

On Christmas Eve, local singer, song-writer and author came into the studio to talk with Krys O'Brien about his creative work, and also about World War II's evacuees and the differences between life then and now.

Krys played one of his tracks from his cd which he wrote for his mum, who was a child evacuee. A born entertainer, Bonx brought his pet 'pigs' and taxi horn into the studio, and talked about how he acquired his stage-name, Bonx, at the tender age of eighteen months.

Listen out for an extract from his book 'The Dorset Arms - A Ghostly Story' coming shortly to 107 Meridian FM.


Krys O'Brien interview with Matt from Fresh Fitness

Krys talked to Matt about being a fitness trainer, the importance of music in training and his plans for Fresh Fitness.