Ginnie Waddingham

I am one of Meridian Rotary’s newest members.  Myself and my husband Neal joined together as we found that although we had separate hobbies we thought it would be great to join something that was diverse enough to give us both time together and also give us the  chance to be involved in either separate or the same committees  and events.   I am looking forward to having a greater understanding of what being a Rotarian means and I am looking forward to going to the Rotary Conference on the Isle of Wight later this year.

I am a former Town Mayor of East Grinstead and really enjoyed the community aspect of being involved with the Town Council.  This was one of the things that encouraged us to join Rotary as we have watched them ‘in action’ throughout the town over the past few years.

We have always lived locally, both us and our children went to school locally.  I was very active in Community events in Ashurst Wood where we lived before moving into the town 11 years ago.

I particularly enjoy Christmas time and I feel that the Rotary Christmas collection is such a special event as most people are incredibly generous – even those who are having a hard time themselves.  

I have found myself – to my great surprise – joining the Meridian Rotary Radio team.   I enjoy many different types of music, not too keen on Rap and hard rock or punk but pretty much anything else, from Classical to Indie and much in-between.  One of my favourite eras of course is the 1970’s, which were my  teenage years, when, in my opinion, most of the great songs were written, many of the best groups were around and artists ever since have done cover after cover of songs from that time – simply because they were so good!