Gav Hunt

Hi Im Gav.
I am Brand new in relation to the world of radio, The whole thing came about by chance.  Currently i'm co-hosting “the Stuart Amour show” on Thursday nights between 10pm-midnight.  I am very excited to see how things progress.

It is truly amazing to be part of Meridian FM, hopefully I can have a long and fun run here, and possibly go into doing my own slot.

Music for me is a must, I can honestly say I haven't gone one day without singing along to a song or tapping out a beat on a biscuit tin. The singing although not particularly in tune makes people smile or laugh (hopefully not at me) which is fun.

I have a tendency to put on accents, I do have a knack of being able to do great voice impressions.  Although not entirely sure how this came about but listeners may be subject to this at some stage. Mixing is one of my major passions, Being able to manipulate songs and create your own style versions is truly awesome.  I have Dj’d for friends and few house parties.

My strengths lay in the House, Club, Trance sort of area, however I do enjoy experimenting with all different genres.  Anything I cant get my hands on usually gets mixed, which covers anything from the 50s upwards.