I touched down in 2000 after years of buying & selling properties in the South East. Although a Londoner, instantly fell in love with the area, moving quickly from Lingfield to Cowden / Hammerwood in 2003 & staying there for 12 years blissfully in the middle of nowhere & still am - just swapping to the Tandridge countryside in 2016.

After years as both a project manager & trainer I established Scarletts Training in 2004. We specialise in project & programme management interventions as well as delivering leadership / management & skills development training programmes across the private & public sectors. 
Happily a breakfast presenter - on my Success Express show I love interviewing both live & out of the studio, getting a real feel for how businesses are performing in our local area, also discussing career paths - it’s amazing how diverse some are. We also feature a live job board covering local vacancies.  
I travel a lot, am a mad F1, Jaguar, tennis & Staffordshire Bull terrier girlie – liking nothing better than trudging across the Ashdown Forest with the dogs in the mud or driving at 80 (whoops did I say that ) I mean 70 miles an hour on a windy day !!!!
Meridian is a truly amazing station that offers wide ranging programming - covering business, local news & events to an eclectic mix of incredible music & it’s great to be part of that passion.
Get in touch if you have a career story to tell & vacancies that need filling - track me down on Twitter @ClaraQuiney