Claire Hickson

My fascination with radio began at an early age.  At the age of 5 I was interviewing various long suffering relatives with the aid of my trusty Fisher Price tape recorder, by 11 I was recording whole radio shows for friends!  I always provided the music with my recorder, unless I was trusted with my Dad’s hallowed dual tape deck!  Fast forward a few (!) years and I was the keenest helper at LSRFM, mainly being sent out into the cold to record vox pops from disinterested students.  A stint at Hospital radio followed, but it wasn’t until I started at 107 Meridian FM that I felt completely at home.

From an encyclopaedic knowledge of obscure 90s indie bands to a good foundation in hip hop lyrics, there isn’t a genre of music that doesn’t appeal to me in some way and my Saturday Morning Social is a reflection of that.  What makes is special to me though, is the social aspect.  Each week, people from all over the country join in the show with requests and song suggestions and I learn something from them every week!  It always makes for an awesome playlist!