Chris Michaels

I started DJing in and around East Grinstead in 1995 and instantly got residency at the towns legendary Broadway, in the days when it attracted in excess of 400 people on a weekend night.

Also did slots at the Honey club and Escape club in Brighton, and various other bars and clubs in the area, including the infamous Martines night club & another residency in Pals wine bar in the town.

In 1998 started producing dance records with a close friend and went under the guises of Nu Groove, Stan & Ollie and Buzz Groove and started a small label called Outhouse Recordings. Achieving minor success in the house and garage sectors and managed to get three different tracks on separate charting compilation albums.

During 2003 moved to Scotland and retired from djing and fell out of love with music, but recently returned to the area and has rediscovered his passion for music especially dance music. Tastes go from soul and Motown to disco, house, garage and trance, basically anything that makes you move.

I have always loved sharing my taste and passion in dance music and via Meridian, I hope you too can share in my love for all kinds of dance music.