Music has always been a big part of my life, it comes from many long hours in the car listening to my Dads music collection. This sadly is why my favourite
bands almost exclusively come from the 70's and 80's: Jam, Queen, Status Quo ect. Although when I was about 6 I listened to so much Beatles that one of my
school teachers was convinced I came from Liverpool ( having lived in Hartfield my entire life).

The idea to get involved in radio came partly from this love of music, partly from watching films like Good-morning Vietnam and Alan Partridge and largely
from wandering aimlessly around a University societies fair a week after arriving in Durham and being accosted by the lovely people from Purple Radio. I have
now been working on Student radio for about a year and have managed to turn my love of music and collection of random knowledge about bands into my own
specialist music show.

While I love music I have never been particularly skilled at performing I can play a bit of Guitar and since getting to University I have started to learn to
play the Ukulele ( mostly as a form of procrastination). When I finish my degree, (Archaeology and Ancient history, not exactly related I know), I would love
to get involved in Broadcasting or Broadcast Journalism so Meridian looked like a great place to start.